Vintner's Cellars

"Where You're The Wine Maker!"

Vintner's Cellar is a wine bar, bistro, bottle shop, and custom crush facility where customers can make their own wine and personalize their label. 

Our Back Bar is Made from Crushed Recycled Glass

Wine.  It’s all the rage.  Oregon now boasts over 400 wineries and 900 vineyards.  Wine bars are popping up all over the city and across the state and are almost as plentiful as your neighborhood coffee house.  Wine by the glass, wine by the bottle, tours of wineries, and wine tastings at grocery stores, wine shops, and wineries keep the momentum flowing in this favorable industry.  We live in Oregon, where Pinot Noir is king and a bottle can retail for over $100 smackers.  Yes, we are serious about wine and serious about drinking it, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Welcome to Vintner’s Cellar.  We’re glad you found our humble online presence and hope you will continue the adventure by visiting our location and have a first-hand look on what we have to offer.

The journey started with our love for wine and our interest in how it was made.  Once we learned the process of turning grape juice into wine, we decided to share that with everyone we could and thus, Vintner's Cellar of Oregon was born.

Come visit us at and experience a whole new world of wine enjoyment.  Have a glass of wine after work, share a bottle of wine with friends or colleagues, but most uniquely, become a vintner and make your own custom wine!