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Vintner's Cellar is a wine bar, bistro, bottle shop, and custom crush facility where customers can make their own wine and personalize their label. 

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Artist of the Month: Kasey Shantz

Food for Thought

In these series I’m using the traditional oil painting genre of still life to extrapolate on the often evocative forms in nature; in this case, everyday food items.  As with most of my work, I use contrasts of value, texture and color to inform these explorations.  I often will introduce an open narrative and a touch of humor.



Kasey Shantz is a lifelong student, teacher, and practitioner of the arts.  Though born in Michigan, his family moved to California’s burgeoning Santa Clara Valley when he was still very young.  Inspired by the natural beauty of the West, he began to show artistic promise at an early age.  One classmate recalls his giving art instructions to his entire fifth grade class.  In High school he took every art elective he could.


After studying at Junior college in California he transferred to the University of Minnesota where he earned a Journalism/Mass communications Major and Studio Arts Minor.  While at the University he worked as an illustrator and sometimes copy writer for the Minnesota daily school newspaper.


He has worked in the picture framing trade and taught classes on the subject for adult extension courses.  He’s managed the retail supply for artists, architects, and designers.  In 1995 he started his own business of interior decorative painting, after teaching himself the faux finishing of wood grains, stone and marble; stenciling; fine Italian plaster application; and excelling at mural painting and the trompe l’oeil.  He has had work in restaurants and night clubs as well as homes and estates from Florida to the West coast.  His work earned him a citation in the Spring 2010 Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication, Beautiful Kitchens.


This work also increased his interest in related areas of study including, but not limited to traditional and contemporary trends and cultural movements in: architecture, furniture, textile and interior design, and of course, fine art.  He also kept learning and practicing traditional oil painting techniques at Clea Felines Studio school in Minneapolis.


In 2010 he moved to Portland Oregon to be closer to his west coast family and for the inspirational beauty in the region.