Vintner's Cellars

"Where You're The Wine Maker!"

Vintner's Cellar is a wine bar, bistro, bottle shop, and custom crush facility where customers can make their own wine and personalize their label. 

We Have Over Forty Wines We Make In House.  Come Try Some With Us!

A Wine For Every Palate

Our wine bar carries over 40 different types of wine.  We offer a variety of red, white, dry, semi-dry, and sweet/dessert wine. There’s something for everyone’s taste and palate. 

These wines are always in stock.  These wines can be purchased by the bottle and customized with your very own label.

We offer a flight of five wines for $7 dollars and all tasting fees are waived with bottle purchase. 

Red Wines                                                                                                         $8 glass / $20 bottle

Keep It Weird  Pinot Noir, Washington

Pettygrove Park  Pinot Noir, Chile

Aerial  Cabernet/Syrah, Washington

St Johns  Grenache/Shiraz/Mourevedre, Australia

Mt. Hood  Chateau Rouge, French Varietals

The Grotto  Malbec, Chile

Cascade  Carmenere, Chile

Montgomery Park  Merlot, California

BridgetownBarolo, Italian Varietals

Burnside  Amarone, Italy

Voodoo Rojo  Tempranillo/Grenache, Chile

Springwater  Sangiovese, Italy

Mt Tabor  Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington

Zin 405  Old Vine Zinfandel, California

PDX Brews  Barbera, Washington

Old Slabtown  Vieux Chateau du Roi, French varietals

Waterfront  Cabernet Franc, Washington

Mill Ends  Petite Syrah, Washington

Seduction  Syrah, Washington

Steel Bridge  Super Tuscan Blend, Italy


White Wines                                                                                                       $7 glass / $18 bottle

Tillikum Crossing  Muscato, California

Southwest  Australian Blend

Willamette  Riesling, Washington

Crystal Ballroom  Gewurztraminer, Washington

Nob Hill  Chenin Blanc, Chile

Light Ship ColumbianSauvignon Blanc, Austrailia

Pittock  Pinot Gris, Italy

Couch  Chardonnay, Austrialia

Road to Hell  Viognier, Washington

The Pearl  Chardonnay, California


Fruit Wines                                                                                                     $5 glass / $15 bottle

Garden of Solace  Green Apple Riesling, California

White Stag  Pear Riesling, California

Hollywood  Peach Chardonnay, California

Columbia Gorge  Strawberry Zinfandel, California

“A” Line  Raspberry Merlot, California

Portlandia  Black Cherry Pinot Noir, Washington

Sellwood  Cranberry Shiraz, Australia


Blush Wines                                                                                                     $7 glass / $18 bottle

Rose Garden  White Merlot, California

Sauvie Island  Zinfandel Blush, California


Mead                                                                                                                   $7 glass / $18 bottle

Red Line  Strawberry Mead

Green Line  Tea Mead


Dessert Wines                                                                                                 $8 glass / $26 bottle

Winterhawk Ice Wine  Reisling, Washington

Rocky Butte Port  Portuguese varietals


Sparkling Wines                                                                                            $8 glass / $28 bottle

Millenium Sparkling  Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, or Zinfandel Blush