Vintner's Cellars

"Where You're The Wine Maker!"

Vintner's Cellar is a wine bar, bistro, bottle shop, and custom crush facility where customers can make their own wine and personalize their label. 

Carboys Waiting to Turn Your Juice Into Wine

Where You're The Wine Maker!

Honestly, have you ever thought what would it be like to have a job as a wine maker?  Have you ever thought about making your own wine?  Well now you can! 

Making your own wine is simple and fun; when you have the right equipment and knowhow that is. And that’s what Vintner’s Cellar is all about; providing the equipment and knowledge so you can easily turn grape juice into wine.  Bring some friends or loved ones, order  appetizers and charcuterie, pop open a bottle (or two or three!) of wine, and start making your own wine today!

The process:

·         Sample our wines to determine which varietal you enjoy most

·         Select which wine (kit) you would like to make.  You can pick from any one of these batches here

·         Schedule an appointment for you and/or your friends to start making your wine

·         Create the wine; adding sugars, yeast, and oak if desired (mini oak barrels are also available upon request for a surcharge)

·         Allow the wine to ferment in our facility between 2 and 4 months

·         Come back when it’s ready to bottle and cork it yourself (or we can do it for you, but where's the fun in that?!?!)

·         Select your own style of bottle, traditional foil, or wax (some bottles and wax have a surcharge)

·         Pick from a variety of images or bring us your own image to customize your label, print it, and brand your wine as your very own

Remember, making your own wine is fun and is much more than just a fermentation process, it’s an event!  Imagine giving your wine out for your 40th birthday party, at a retirement party, as holiday gifts, or even better, as the wine of choice at your wedding!  Each batch makes between 24 and 30 750ml bottles.

Wine Batch Pricing

Vintner’s Cellar of Oregon sources premium grapes from all over the world to give you the highest quality and best selection as possible.  Please view the variety of wine batches we have available and the cost for each one below.  Some of the more unique styles may need to be specially ordered, so please allow for 2-4 weeks lead time to get those batches in.

You may download our entire wine varietals and pricing here.  Remember, each kit yields 24-30 bottles of wine (750 ml); so that's at least two cases!

Reserve Red Wines: $395 per batch:

         Old Slabtown (Vieux Chateau du Roi, French varietals)

         Burnside (Amarone, Italy)

         Bridgetown (Barolo, Italy)

         Mt. Tabor (Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington)

         Pettygrove Park (Pinot Noir, Chile)

         Voodoo Rojo (Tempernillo/Granacha, Chile)

         Zin 405 (Old Vine Zinfandel, California)

         Steel Bridge (Syrah, Washington)

         The Grotto (Malbec, Chile)

         Cascade (Carmenere, Chile)

Red Wines: $345 per batch:

         Mount Hood (Chateau Rouge, French varietals)

         PDX Brews (Barbara, Washington)

         Montgomery Park (Merlot, California)

         “Keep It Weird” (Pinot Noir, Washington)

         Aerial (Cabernet/Syrah, Washington)

         Mills End (Petite Syrah, Washington)

         Waterfront (Cabernet Franc, Washington)

         Springwater (Sangiovese, Italy)

Reserve White Wines:  $395 per batch:

         The Pearl (Chardonnay, Chile)

         Couch (Chardonnay, California Style)

         Pittock (Pinot Gris, Italy)

         Road to Hell (Viognier, California)

White Wines:  $345 per batch:

         Willamette (Riesling, California)

         Tillikum Crossing (Muscato, California)

         Crystal Ballroom (Gewurztraminer, California)

         Light Ship Columbian (Sauvignon Blanc, Australia)

Blush Wines:  $345 per batch:

         Sauvie Island (Zinfandel Blush, CA)

         Rose Garden (White Merlot, CA)

Mead Wines:  $345 per batch:

         Strawberry Mead

        Tropical Tea Mead

Fruit-Based Wines (sweet wines):  $225 per batch:

         Columbia Gorge (Strawberry Zinfandel, California)

         Garden of Solace (Green Apple Riesling, California)

         The MAX (Black Currant Merlot, California)

         Hollywood (Peach Chardonnay, California)

         “A” Line (Raspberry Merlot, California)

         Portlandia (Black Cherry Pinot Noir, Washington)

         Sellwood (Cranberry Shiraz, Australia)

         White Stag (Pear Riesling, California)

Dessert Wines:  $425 per batch:

         Winterhawk Ice Wine (Reisling, Washington)

         Rocky Butte Port (Portuguese varietals)

Extra’s for your batch, Ask about Special Pricing

         Wax Capping

         Barrel Aging

         Multiple Distinct Labels

Is there a varietal that you like that we don’t currently sell here? With a little extra time, we can order in the juice, and we’ll help you make your own specialized batch.